Each student will conduct an in-depth analysis of a major clinical outcome, which can either be an aggregate or individual health outcome and do the following: Criteria: 1. Conceptual a. Define the outcome, use research literature to support your definition b. What model can be used to describe the relations of the outcome to determinant and process of care. 2. Operational Definition a. What is the operational definition for this outcome? b. How are you going to measure the concept? 3. Measurement Characteristics a. Discuss the methods used to collect data in the system of care versus community population focus. b. Discuss measurement qualities – sensitivity and specificity, reliability and validity, and importance. 4. Relate outcome to: a. Life Span b. Diverse population 0. Cultural variation 5. How does this outcome relate to clinical decisions? a. How will you use the measure? b. When will you use the measure 6. How is the outcome amenable to change by nursing interventions? Under what set of conditions will bring about change? 7. Clinical versus research significance – what would be a meaningful clinical change? How much? 8. How does this outcome fit into the overall health care system? (To whom, for what?) 9. What are the methodological issues using this measure as a systems measure? 10. What is the relevance of outcome to nursing? 11. What are the Policy implications? Up to 10 points will be deducted for grammar and spelling mistakes.

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