Textbook- Leading And Managing In Nursing Yoder-Wise ISBN 978-0-323-18577-6Copyright 15Publisher ElsevierEdition 6 The ability to interpret and explain budget variances is an important skill for a manager. In this short paper (700-1000 words), please respond to Exercise 12-15 on pages 227-228 of the Yoder-Wise (2015) text. Be sure to address each of the questions posed in this exercise and compose your paper following the APA guidelines. References in addition to the text are recommended but not required. Second homework, 3 pages Nurses, Legislation, and Regulation In thinking about collaboration among multidisciplinary professionals and nursing professional associations as interest groups in healthcare policy and politics, discuss how the outcomes of the legislation could impact practice and healthcare as a whole. 1. Identify a legislative issue/policy change related to a workforce/patient care issue that you believe to be a priority. Describe legislative efforts surrounding your interest. 2. Incorporate aspects of the ethical, financial and social implications that you feel support your opinion for the recommended legislation/policy change. 3. Discuss how you, as a nurse, could promote this change and shape the future of nursing/healthcare incorporating pertinent information you gathered from reviewing the IOM report. 4. Incorporate information from at least five scholarly references from peer reviewed nursing journals, readings from textbooks and appropriate and respected websites. Your paper will be scored using the written assignment rubric which requires APA format. Your paper needs to be written in third person. This assignment length is between 3 to 5 pages TAK

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