Medical nursing – cardiology Nursing care and management of a patient who has a cardiac problem(s). Your paper should include: ? Pathophysiology of all cardiac conditions addressed in the module : myocardial infarction, heart failure, cardiogenic shock. ? The specific medical and nursing care and management of a patient with the above stated conditions. Your revision should cover specific medical interventions, including pharmacology; and nursing care and management of the patient during the acute phase to 72 hours. Please remember that, when answering the question, your answer has to achieve the 6 learning outcomes stipulated in your module plan (please refer to your module plan for the learning outcomes). 1. Discuss the significance of observation and monitoring for acutely ill patients. 2. Analyse pathology, trauma and interventions for patients and their effects on physiological stability. 3. Utilise best available evidence to demonstrate and discuss the necessary nursing care in order to maintain safety in acute/critical care (including mandatory updates). 4. Effectively communicate with acute/critical care patients and their relatives/carers and as part of the interprofessional team. 5. Discuss how legal and ethical frameworks influence the delivery of acute/critical care and show an awareness of contemporary influences on service provision. 6. Apply principles of clinical decision making and clinical leadership in order to prioritise care, according to clinical need and based on appropriate rationale. 7. Apply the skills of literacy, numeracy and the use of information technology and information skills required for safe and effective practice.

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