Discuss how certain lifestyles and behaviors can affect physical health.
How is research important in preventing disease and/or the spread of disease? Give an example of how research has helped improve the outcomes of people with certain diseases. Also, explain how scientists determine if research sources and/or data are reliable.
Using the CSU Online Library and/or other sources, either prove or disprove the idea that social stress and social networks affect an individual’s health.
We know that epidemiology looks at the distribution of disease within specific populations. On the other hand, social epidemiology looks at social behavior and other factors to determine how they affect the distribution of disease within a population. Consider where you live, either on a state, city, or neighborhood community level, and think about a particular disease or health disparity that is most prevalent among a particular group. Discuss what the disease/health disparity is, what group it is affecting, and what factors are involved in the reason that this group is affected.

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