One of the references should be Realities of Canadian Nursing,based on chapter 23 found on page 414. It can be found online. Marking Criteria/Framework for Position Paper. Content of Paper (70%) Ensure that your topic is related to course content 1. NO abstract required 2. Analysis, synthesis, and critical thinking skills are demonstrated. 3. The paper integrates material beyond course textbooks incorporating other scholarly sources 4. Discussion is logical in presentation of ideas; evidences clear, organized, and concise writing style Introduction 15 Introduce the topic Provide background on the topic Assert the thesis [your view on the issue or an assertion about your topic, something you claim to be true] Counter Argument 20 Summarize the counterclaims Provide supporting information for counterclaims Refute the counterclaims Discuss evidence for argument Demonstrates skill in critical analysis and synthesis of ideas Your Argument 20 Assert the main points of your claims Give your opinion Discuss supporting literature Demonstrates skill in critical analysis and synthesis of ideas Conclusion 15 Restate your argument Provide a plan of action Scholarly Format of Paper [30/100] Format follows APA (6th ed.) scholarly format of no more than 10 typed pages (excluding title and reference pages). Ensure you use Times New Roman, font size 12 with all margins set at one inch [2.54 cm] Paper is free of typographical, grammatical and spelling errors. • Total possible marks =100

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