Internal Code: MAS4332 Nursing Assignment: In seeing how distressed Sheila was, the nurse decides that Sheila could take another dose of her prescribed medication of Salbutamol x 6 puffs. As the hospital has a guide rule for the administration of oxygen in the absence of a medical practitioner, the nurse administers 36% (4Litres) via a nasal cannula. Sheila is placed in a semi-Fowlers position and advised on the breathing technique to obtain maximal oxygen intake. Questions: 1) How would you define an asthma attack (asthma exacerbation) and describe the signs and symptoms during an asthmatic episode? 2) Describe the overall management for Sheila including observations to be undertaken. 3) Explain why it is important for the nurse to be able to utilise the 5 rights of clinical reasoning when caring for Sheila during the presentation of this acute episode. 4) Discuss and provide a rationale (WHY) for each of the medication orders which have just been written up for Sheila, their side effects and the nursing responsibilities that would be associated with these medical orders. 5) What can you explain to Sheila about this and how can she improve her awareness of her asthma control? 6) How would you help Sheila to understand the importance of the peak flow meter, and what can a good asthma action plan accomplish for her? 16 total views, 2 views today

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