Internal Code: MAS3329 Nursing Assignment Help Question: Discuss the concept of a ‘palliative approach’ to end of life care in residential aged care and critique how this approach may be implemented in practice for older people living in residential aged care. In your discussion, you should consider policies around advanced care directives and funding models for residential aged care. Points to consider: – A discussion of what a palliative approach is and what systems exist to promote a palliative approach in residential aged care at a national and international level. – A discussion and critique of the issues in providing palliative care in residential aged care. This should also include discussion of the way aged services are funded and how this impacts palliative care in aged care. Requirement of assignment: – Write an essay incorporating an introduction, body and conclusion. – Define the term ‘palliative approach’ and ‘end of life care’ using contemporary literature . – Discuss advanced care directives particularly from an ethical perspective. – Consider how a palliative approach to end of life care may affect funding of residential care facilities. – Critique these approaches and concepts with reference to the literature. 27 total views, 2 views today

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