Develop a Health Organization Disaster Planning and Response Strategy that links federal state and local agency authorities and reflects the potential ethical decision making that a health care leader may be confronted with.
This PowerPoint presentation will be shown to your facilitys board of directors in their next planning meeting.
Include ethical theories and principles that support the infrastructure of the strategy.
The presentation should cover the following points:
Description of the ethical decision-making model
The goal(s) of the strategy
Details about using the ethical decision-making model of your choice
Types of ethical decision-making problems
Information on how federal state and local governments should distribute resources
Information on compensation and allocation of resources
A plan for deployment of personnel
A plan for preparing the personnel and facility
Practicing disaster preparedness competencies.
Discuss 1 leadership approach using ethical decision-making models that a health care leader would use to implement the Health Organization Disaster Planning and Response Strategy.
To complete this part of the assignment revisit the following Web resource:
Decision Making Frameworks
Clowes C. (n.d.). A critical examination of ethical decision making models. Retrieved from
SME. (n.d.). Decision making frameworks. Retrieved from
Please submit your assignment.
For assistance with your assignment please use your text Web resources and all course materials.

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