Internal Code: MAS5543 Nursing Assignment: The purpose of the audit is to check if the nursing staff of the Intensive Care Unit is compliant with the MRSA screening protocol. Hence the audit question is to assess the compliance of nurses with routine screening of all patients for MRSA on admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and weekly thereafter including at discharge. This protocol or screening procedure is particularly important and specific because in cases of MRSA colonization precedes infection (Miller et al 2011). MRSA is often transmitted by two groups of patients, 1. patients with clinical MRSA infection; 2. patients who are asymptomatic MRSA carriers, both groups serve as a reservoir for further transmission as they move across hospitals or other healthcare facilities (Calfee et al, 2014). Routine screening of all ICU patients is important as to prevent transmission from colonised to un-colonised persons and also prevent infection in colonised individuals (John & Kallen, 2010). Regular screening helps to recognise previously colonised, infected and newly identified MRSA patients. Evaluating this practice helps in identification of transmission events especially in high-risk areas like ICU’s and allows earlier initiation of isolation precautions (Coia, et al, 2014). Questions: 1) Use best available evidence in the nursing management of critically ill clients 2) Differentiate the professional standards, codes, guidelines, and legislation relevant to the specialist critical care nursing role 3) Critically analyse the scope of practice and accountability of the specialist critical care nurse in the management of clients with critical illness 4) Critically analyse the leadership role of the specialist critical care nurse 21 total views, 2 views today

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