Internal Code: MAS 6070 Nursing Assignment Help Question: The purpose of this assignment is to explore the National Health Priority Area – Mental Health through a critical analysis of current research evidence for best nursing practice. In preparation for conducting a potential research project, prepare and write the first part a research report (Introduction, Background/literature review, Analysis and evaluation and Research questions and research methods). Read and evaluate 10-12 peer-reviewed articles reporting primary research on mental health issues within the Australian context. From your research identify an issue, problem or gap in knowledge as identified from your articles that require further investigation into mental health within Australia. Develop one or more research questions (maximum 4) relevant to the National Health Priority Area – Mental Health using the PICO/T framework. The analysis of your research must relate to the five steps of the nursing process (assessment, analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation) with the aim of improving nursing practice and/or patient outcomes in mental health within hospitals (public, private) and community settings (aged care facilities, Aboriginal Medical Services). Write three four sections of a report: Introduction, Background/literature review, Analysis and Evaluation and Research question and research methods. 16 total views, 2 views today

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