develop a strategic plan for a health services organization
Paper instructions:
Using the information provided in the textbook other readings and learning module information as well as any outside sources (Journals Internet etc.) develop a strategic plan for a health services organization of your choosing (i.e. hospital department long term care facility non-profit health organization medical group practice assisted living facility etc.) If you are currently working in the health care field you may use your workplace to develop your plan but you may NOT just give the organizations strategic plan. This must be original work. The strategic plan may be for a real or imaginary organization it may be a for-profit or not-for-profit government owned or commercial organization. Use the tools of planning critical thinking and presentation. A good effort here will help you with a later assignment. Make sure to include at a minimum the following in your strategic plan:
Values/guiding principals
External (environmental) assessment/competition/community assessment
Internal assessment (SWOT analysis)
Goals- long term and short term
Action steps; Defined strategies for goal-reaching
Expected outcomes>>> in measurable metrics>> remember if you cant measure it you will have no idea when you succeed or if you need to alter course. Also remember a metric is some measure divided by some other measure so that you can see change. So your outcomes must be in numbers or % that show change. You should think of the PDCA model.

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