Internal Code: MAS781 Report Writing Assignment: Question: The Southern Urban Health Authority health service plans are reaching their end date and new health service plans must now be developed. Southern Urban services a population of 850,000 and includes a tertiary referral hospital, two district hospitals, a rehabilitation hospital and a wide range of community health services.It serves some semi-rural towns, but primarily delivers services to urban areas of Sydney. Select a clinical specialty area that spans acute and community service provision such as: cancer renal aged care mental health drug and alcohol a service from your own experience (check with, and gain approval from, the subject coordinator) 2. Develop a guide for the Southern Urban Executive which outlines the development process for a full clinical service plan appropriate to your chosen specialty for the next five years. The plan should address some of the significant challenges in your selected service, which may relate to the service model, technology, cost and/or workforce. 25 total views, 2 views today

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