My case study will be obesity in NYC population. o Assessment – Complete your assessment and include the following points about your assessment in your o o Assess the health, health care, and preparedness needs of a population in order to identify sub-populations, families, and individuals who would benefit from health promotion or who are at risk of illness, injury, disability, or premature death. o Describe sociopolitical, economic, and ethnic characteristics affecting the health of the community. o Describe the nature of values and value systems in the community, and their influence on community health nursing. o Describe the effects of hazards in the community on people’s health. o Assess the educational level of your target audience. Briefly describe how you assessed the educational level in your paper. o o Diagnose – Complete your diagnosis and include the following points about your diagnosis in your paper o o Develop a community health nursing diagnosis based upon epidemiologic data. o From your assessment, choose one global health problem that exists in your local community. Web side to use: o The Community Guide: o The Nursing Center: o o o o

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