Foundations of Strategic ManagementPlease respond to the following:
Part A.
Analyze the concepts of strategic planning and strategic management. Determine two fundamental differences between the concepts that you have analyzed and provide one example of strategic management and one example of strategic planning as they relate to healthcare organizations.
Part B.
Examine the concepts of analytical and emergent approaches to strategic management. Next imagine that you are a hospital administrator. Determine which of the two approaches–analytical or emergent–would be more effective in planning to expand services to surrounding communities. Provide an example of the type of information that would be necessary when using the approach that you have deemed to be more effective.
Discussion 2
Developing a Strategic PlanPlease respond to the following:
Part A
Examine the strategic planning process. Imagine that your organization is planning to build a pediatric clinic. Determine one external factor and one internal factor that you should consider in the strategic planning of the clinic.
Part B
Determine three reasons why strategic plans fail. Recommend a strategy to overcome each of the reasons you identified and include concepts from the weekly reading.
– 1 page each discussion double-spaced; 12 point Times New Roman font; following APA requirements
References should be on a separate reference page appropriately double-spaced and organized alphabetically.
This is a required resource however supplemental resources can be added.
Ginter P. M. Duncan W. J. & Swayne L. E. (2013). Strategic management of health care organizations (7th ed.). San Francisco CA: Jossey-Bass.
Supplemental resources:
Association for Strategic Planning. (2013). Resources. Retrieved from
Health Research & Educational Trust. (2012). A guide to strategic cost transformation in hospitals and health systems. Retrieved from

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