Team Based Health Care Delivery Discuss the team-based approaches to the delivery of health services. The focus of the paper should be one type of health care environment, such as a hospital, primary care, or long-term care facility. Within your paper, be sure to do the following: Present a patient case (this does not need to be detailed). Describe the team that would deliver care and their individual roles. Identify and describe the indicators and determinants of health that would influence or impact this case. Describe the impact this team-based approach would have on management and line staff. Provide an analysis of key financial and resource savings for consumers and insurance companies as they apply to this model. From a leadership position, explain the advantages of using a team-based approach. Your paper should contain the following parts: Introduction Body paragraphs (Possible headings include: Case Description, Health Care Delivery Team, Indicators and Determinants of Health, Financial and Resource Analysis, Team-Based Approach Advantages.) Conclusion Use the GCU eLibrary to seek and include at least two peer-reviewed sources. Refer to the “Academic Writing Guidelines Resource.”

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