Describe your risk handling strategies. Do not include policies and procedures or staffing and funding needs. For example, if you have identified certain patient-related risks and you decide that one way to reduce those risks is to improve employees’ job skills, you would mention employee training in your proposal; however, you do not need to state how often each department should send its employees to attend training or how the department should be staffed while some employees are away taking courses. Another example is risk financing. If you determine a need for insurance, would you recommend the clinic to purchase commercial insurance or self-insure? Although you should explain your reasons, it is unnecessary to provide the selection criteria for insurers or detailed cost comparisons among different options. Remember to think about the Joint Commission, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, FMEA, root cause analysis, adverse events and sentinel events. Use your textbook and other assigned readings as appropriate for references. The proposal is to be presented in a 850 – 1,000-word .

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