you tube video /pyramid points this is a two part coursework part 1 ( talking about stress Watch the following video: Answer the following questions: 1. Identify two positive attributes of stress. 2. How can you apply this as a nurse on the floor with fellow nurses? 3. How can you apply this with patients? 4. What was Kelly’s confession? 5. What were the results of the study with 1000 people? 6. What is the hormone discussed and what does it do? 7. How will this information help you in nursing school and in clinical practice? Part 2( talks about studying habits) Evaluate yourself on each of the 10 Pyramid Points. Describe your current habits and what you need to change. pyramid point( PP) 1: Plan daily specific times for studying PP 2 : Try not to do too much studying at one time PP 3 : Set goals for your study time PP 4 : Avoid procrastination PP 5 : Study the most difficult material when you are most alert PP 6 : Find a special study place that is free of external distractions PP 7 : Seek help when you do not understand the material PP 8 : Plan study Breaks PP 9 : Eat a healthy Diet , and exercise regularly PP 10 : Get an adequate amount of sleep every night Please use these pyramid points to do the part 2 of the assignment.. each of the part should be a 1 page.

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