The purpose and essential element of informed consent in nursing Respond to ONE of the following in your own words. Your entry must have correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation in order to earn full points. It must also have coherent thoughts and address the chosen outcome. Please title your work and put your name on it. Your journal entry must be at least 500 words. Your title and name are not included in the 500 word limit. Please cite any resources used in the body of the paper and include the source on your reference page at the end of the paper. The citations and references are not included in the 500 words either. A good introduction contains four elements: an attention-getter to pique the interest of the audience, a preview of the three main points of the body that support the thesis, a strong thesis statement, and a signpost sentence that transitions into the body of the paper. Each body paragraph in the essay should contain three elements: a mini-thesis identifying the topic of that particular paragraph, supporting sentences that may include references, and a transition sentence leading into the next paragraph or point. A good conclusion contains three elements; a summary of the main points of the essay that support the thesis, a reemphasis of the thesis, and a sense of closure with a tie-in to the attention-getter from the introduction. 1. Describe ways nurse practie acts, credentialing, standards of care, and agency policies and procedures affect the scope of nursing practice. 2. Describe the purpose and essential element of informed consent.

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