Let’s face it, drugs are everywhere. Illegal and prescription drugs are readily available for those looking to cope with various afflictions. Unfortunately, many individuals use drugs illegally; in addition, drugs approved by the FDA are abused. Whatever the source, strong addictions develop from inappropriate use. Select a drug that you’ve heard about or learned about in this course. Once you’ve selected this drug answer all of the following questions in one page paper: HEROIN What is the prevalence of this drug’s usage? (For example, how many use, who uses, demographics, and so on. Is this drug injected, smoked, inhaled, or ingested? Give details. What are the physical signs and symptoms associated with this drug (for example, usage, and withdrawal)? What is the typical abuse pattern or cycle associated with this drug? Describe the typical rehabilitation for this drug. Does it involve detoxification? Explain. What is the most recommended and/or most successful intervention model or approach used to treat individuals addicted to this substance? Include information about relapse.

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