Quantitative Research: Article Summary
Quantitative Research: Article Summary (20% of the grade)
This assignment is aimed at giving students an opportunity to select and analyze a real quantitative (qualitative is written in the classroom) research study and explain how it may or may not be able to help improve an aspect of health care delivery. This will be a 2 4 page paper that meets the general writing guidelines which are outlined in the syllabus.
This assignment should be carried out as follows:
Step #1: Study selection The class will be given a choice among 2 -3 research studies articles. Select the article that most interests you.
Step #2: Summary: Write a 2 3 page summary and analysis of the key aspects of the article you selected. In this summary you should cover the following items in the article:
Describe the research hypothesis in the article
Describe the type of quantitative research design selected and why this design was chosen by the author(s) i.e. Descriptive Correlational Causal-comparative/quasi-experimental research or Experimental research. The following link provides a quick review of the differences http://www.bcps.org/offices/lis/researchcourse/develop_quantitative.html
Variables tested
Research design
Data Analysis

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