Major Threats to the Digital Workplace OBJECTIVE: In this assignment, your objective is to: Describe major technology-related threats to the workplace and how to avoid them DELIVERABLES A seven- to ten-slide PowerPoint presentation, suitable for in-person presentation, meaning you would be speaking to the audience, explaining each concept. STEP 1 For this assignment, consider your healthcare workplace, that of a colleague, or another organization with which you are familiar. Identify 4 different threats to the organization’s information systems, digital equipment, software, network, data, or other technology. Note: threats could be external, internal, malicious, physical, or any other potential threat to those resources. Create one or more slides for each threat, and include a separate slide for each of the following: title, introduction, summary, and references. Design the slides such that a presenter could perform the following, using the speaker notes on each slide: Describe the threat, and what is threatened Describe the security methods currently in use at the organization to prevent the threat Describe additional security methods that could or should be implemented Explain the exposure to the organization, clients, or employees in the event of a successful attack If there has been a previous attack, describe it and the problems and subsequent actions to avoid it in the future Include speaker notes with each slide. Speaker notes, or “Notes page” in PowerPoint, are only for the presenter. They are the content the speaker will present related to the bullets on each slide. The audience does not see them, so ensure that your speaker notes are on the “Notes” page for each slide. Include at least three references on your References slide, from reliable sources that you used in the research for the presentation.

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