Health Promotion Research Review Paper Rubric Health Topic: ENDOMETRIAL CANCER Describe a single health promotion/disease prevention problem from selected topics as assigned by the Faculty. 10pts Target Population & Setting: PRIMARY CARE OFFICE PATIENTS IN A SUBURBAN COMMUNITY Describe the target population and setting. (This must be the SELECTED population and in a primary care setting.) 10pts Application to Advanced Practice Role: ADVANCE PRACTICE NURSE PRACTITIONER MANAGING ENDOMETRIAL CANCER PATIENT Describe how the selected problem applies to advanced practice. 15pts Review of Literature: 5 DIFFERENT REFERENCED REVIEW OF LITERATURE, PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES WITHIN LAST 4 YEARS ADDRESSING ENDOMETRIAL CANCER INTERVENTIONS AND TREATMENTS Provide a review of literature related to interventions that address the problem. Health Promotion Guidelines: USE ESTABLISHED GUIDELINES SUCH AS THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY (ACS), AMERICAN COLLEGE OF GYNECOLOGIST (ACOG), ETC. TO DEVEOP A PLAN OF ACTION TO ADDRESS ENDOMETRIAL CANCER IN THE COMMUNITY IN WHICH YOU PRACTICE Develop a research based Guideline to address the problem in the selected population/setting. What do you hope to accomplish, what are the intended outcomes? Describe them. Describe the evaluation plan you have to measure the efficacy of the proposed intervention 10pts APA Format

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