Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicles/Lethal Autonomous Robots Please follow the criteria below to complete paper Migrants are a Vulnerable Populations cohort Vulnerable Populations Conceptual Model (VPCM) will focus on Migrants Now, you will need to print and read the document titled Development of Nursing Theory and Science in Vulnerable Populations Research by Nyamathi, Koniak-Griffin and Greengold (This article is attached in PDF). In this document, you will find information about the Vulnerable Populations Conceptual Model (VPCM). For the paper, you will need to use the three components of the VPCM (Resource Availability, Relative Risk, and Health Status) as you describe the selected vulnerable population cohort and apply the model. Resource availability will be part of section 1, in which you describe the selected vulnerable population. In section 2 of the paper, you will examine and discuss the relative risks and health status of the selected population cohort and apply the VPCM. Grading Criteria This paper MUST NOT exceed 5 pages, excluding title page and references. The paper must follow APA (6th edition) format, Times New Roman 12-Point font, and be double-spaced. Criterion Points Allotted Points Attained Introduction 5 Describe the selected vulnerable population. Include relevant demographic characteristics and related trends. 35 Apply the Vulnerable Population Conceptual Model to examine and discuss the risks and health status of the selected population. 40 Summary/Conclusions 5 Correct use of APA (6th edition) format and appropriate references within the paper, plus a reference sheet provided. Use a minimum of 8 articles from referred journals. Correct grammar, syntax and spelling. Logical, coherent ordering of ideas. Appropriate paper length. 15 Total Points 100

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