Leadership and Quality Safe Professional Nursing Care
Paper details:
Part of the assigned readings in your textbook this week concerns leadership. According to Finkel and Kenner (2016)) leadership is not grounded to a position of authority but rather is a relationship between a leader and followers that is collaborative and mutually advantageous. Essential II of the BSN Essentials (American Association of Colleges of Nursing 2008) Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Patient Care and Patient Safety emphasizes that quality safe professional nursing care is the direct result of effective leadership in all health care settings.
Read the IOM Report on Leadership.
Describe the scope of leadership presented in the IOM report
Discuss the meaning of interprofessional leadership.
Describe one way nurses can impact leadership in health care into the future.
Address questions 1-3 above in a 1-2 page essay in APA format. Be concise but specific in your responses. Your essay must show critical analysis of the topic. Support your responses with evidence from at least 2 recent scholarly journals (preferably nursing journals.) Recent is less than five years old and your textbook is not a journal.
Remember that recent is less than five years old and your textbook is not a journal.
no plagarism please

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