Health Human Resources Management. Seven questions to be answered each question page long in total seven pages plus references. 1. Is it possible for a health care organization to demonstrate high performance if its employees are not high performing? Explain. 2. Describe the process of professionalization. What is the difference between a profession and an occupation? 3. What conditions would have to be met before you could bring suit against an employer who has discriminated against you because of your gender? 4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using autonomous or self-managing work teams? What is needed to make this form of work design effective? 5. Some hospitals are moving to a 3-day, 36-hour work schedule. What are the adverse aspects of working this schedule from both individual and organizational perspectives? Please provide evidence to support your explanation. 6. Many health care organizations pursuing magnet status for their nursing staff do so in the hope of becoming employers-of-choice in their local labour market. Is it possible to be a magnet hospital and still experience high levels of employee turnover? Please explain. 7. In what ways does a “learning” organization differ from a “traditional” organization? How can traditional organizations become true learning organizations?

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