Contact your local or state health department (San Diego CA) and identify a public health professional for a short interview assessing the utilization of core public health concepts in their work with the community population. This individual could be an epidemiologist a WIC employee a public health nurse a sanitarian etc. **(preferably a nurse)**
Questions to Ask:
1. Describe the population/community in terms of their demographics (age gender ethnicity etc.) and their current health status (mortality illnesses etc.). How do you gather this data?
2. With what population do you specifically work in the community? Are they a vulnerable population and why?
3. What services and programs are provided for this population? Which of the services are primary secondary or tertiary prevention?
4. What health promotion and/or health education is provided for this population?
5. What are the major challenges in your work in public health?
6. What are the major satisfiers in your work in public health?
7. What is needed to strengthen the public health system in our community? Be specific.
Write at least two additional questions.
Write the responses for each question directly underneath. Each response should be 2-3 paragraphs.
Points Possible: 30
level 1
27 points for content which includes 2-3 paragraphs in response to each question
3 points for utilization of writing guidelines

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