• How did this experience challenge your assumptions and stereotypes? • Why do you do service? For self-interest or altruism? • Describe how teamwork and collaboration played a part in providing a service for the community? • How does evidenced-based practice relate to community health. • Describe the importance of health promotion and health teaching in the community setting. Course Objective: The following course objectives will be fulfilled by participating in this service learning project: • Identify methods of personal responsibility and accountability in the nursing profession (Professional Idenity). • Communicate effectively with students, faculty, patients, and staff in all aspects of course learning activities and assignments (Teamwork and Collaboration). • Explain the concepts of evidenced-based practice, in managing the care of one patient with a commonly occurring alteration in health, in collaboration with the healthcare team (Evidenced-Based Practice). • Develop a basic teaching plan for an assigned patient using appropriate teaching methods. (Health Teaching & Health Promotion) Reflections 1. Introduction 2. Select reflection questions to adequately address the service learning project. 3. Personal reflection: • Describe the importance of this project. • What did you learn during this service learning project? 4. What is your civic responsibility to the community? 5. How did participation in this event play a role in developing your professional identity? SLO: Professional Identity 40 points

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