). Describe the guidelines briefly. Evaluate it in terms of its relevance and completeness. Specify the date the guideline was completed the creating organization or authors other organizations that have endorsed the guideline and sources of funding if available.
b) The Rating System: Describe what rating system the authors used to assess the quality of the included research. Describe any inclusion and exclusion criteria used. For example did they include only randomized clinical trials?
c) The Quality of Evidence: Based on the rating system outlined above discuss the quality of the evidence. Draw your own conclusion regarding whether the research supports the conclusions drawn by guideline authors. If you do not agree with the conclusions explain why.
d) Practice Applications: Describe how you think the guidelines can be used in practice. Describe what the guidelines will change about current practice if anything. Will they change assessment or screening recommendations or timing? Prescribe a new intervention? Change an accepted treatment? Improve the quality of nurses work lives? Guide educational activities?
e) Implementation Feasibility: Describe the feasibility of implementing the guidelines in a clinical setting familiar to you. Discuss factors like cost resources training needs patient safety and acceptance health professional acceptance administrative support etcetera.
f) Summary and Final Recommendation: Provide a summary of your findings and final recommendation about the guideline.
g) Copy of the guideline: Provide a pdf copy of the evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.
Evaluation Criteria for Clinical Guideline Review Paper
Guideline Description 10 points
The Rating System 10 points
The Quality of Evidence 15 points
Practice Applications 20 points
Implementation Feasibility 15 points
Summary and Final Recommendation 20 points
Copy of the guideline 5 points
APA style spelling grammar organization 5 points

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