Analysis of the Genetic Phylogeny of Multifocal Prostate Cancer Identifies Multiple Independent Clonal Expansions in Neoplastic and Morphologically Normal Prostate Tissue. this is a paper that I responsible. I have to read and critique this paper according to this point:
Introduce the scientific area in which the work is based. In particular ensure that any complex nomenclature (e.g. three letter acronyms) are explained (approx. 500 words)
Describe the experimental approach used in the paper, explain what the methods will tell us. Is it a good approach? (approx. 800 words)
Describe the data in the paper (It helps to include figures cut and pasted from the paper – which would need to be cited appropriately i.e. “figure reproduced from [add citation]”). What does it tell us? Why does it tell us this? Is it of good quality? Could it tell us something else that the authors have missed? (approx. 1000 words)
Explain whether the authors’ conclusions are justified by the data. Could there be an alternative conclusion? Are there other experiments that would help? (approx. 700 words

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