Marketing PlanIndicate the differences and similarities between the following terms: marketing plan, strategic marketing plan, and tactical marketing plan.List the main components of marketing plan and briefly summarize each component.Identify the elements of a tactical marketing plan for a new kind of cola.Market SegmentList porter’s five forces determine the intrinsic long-run attractiveness of a market or Market segmentwhat are the different levels of market segmentationhow can a company divide a market into segmentsWhat are the requirements for effective segmentationBrandingwhat is a brand and how does branding workhow is brand equity built, measured and managedwhat are the important decisions in developing a branding strategyDistinguish between brand equity and brand valuation?Nichepro Technologies who were mainly into producing personal computers and laptops have now decided to produce Nichepro health care product , explain the branding strategy advocated by the companyProduct and ServicesDefine product, service, information and organization,Define the major classifications of products and services.Describe the decisions companies make regarding their individuals products and services, product line and product mixesDiscuss branding strategies – the decisions companies make in building and managing their brands

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