please please be careful to use a correct reference to the relevant information. All of the references must be updated no less than 2010.
You dont need to use a master of English language; it is enough to be in an intermediate language.
I will attach the marking guideline as well as I will attach some references may help in the background part.
The proposal aims to explore the ethical issues among emergency nurses during a disaster event
a systematic review research question devise a plan to answer it and develop a protocol for the review and meta-analysis/meta-synthesis. A systematic review protocol
is a complete outline of the process of undertaking the review and plan for the analysis of the review data. The proposal should include the following:
Proposal title: Make this short descriptive and no more than 10-12 words; the title should explain succinctly what the project is about.
Abstract: This must be no longer than 250 words; word count will be strictly enforced. It should include a statement of the problem the aims and methods and the
significance of the proposed study.
Review question objectives PICO (500 words): clearly identify the research problem to be investigated and state the review question and list the objectives of the
review. Identify the PICO/PICo. Explain the significance of your study.
On this proposal please following headings;
* the research problem=..
*the review question= What are the ethical issues raised during a disaster event among emergency nurses?
* the objectives=..
*PICo = as the following
P= Emergency nurses
I= ethical issues
Co= disaster event
*the significant of the study= ..
Background (

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