Instructions: Please do not copy-and-paste. Use your own words wherever possible. Brief and information-rich answers are required. Use a maximum of 1000 words in total. List all sources used for your information (even if you use only the set articles). Answer in paragraph style. Agents that may perturb development Glausiusz J (2014). The plastic puzzle. Nature 508, 306 Uploaded. 1- In what products might you currently encounter BPA? (4 points) 2- What are the possible health effects of exposure to BPA? (7 points) 3- What are the problems with BPA monitoring? (2 points) 4- Describe some alternatives to BPA and their limitations? (18 points) 5- What is the strength and weakness of the TiPED proposal? (4 points) Addressing non-communicable diseases Gostin LO (2014). Healthy living needs global governance. Nature 511, 149 uploaded. 1- What non-communicable diseases are of particular concern? (4 points) 2- Tobacco control is held up as an example of a successful response to a non-communicable disease. Describe what has made this successful? (10 points) 3- What marks the general response to NCDs as being inadequate? (10 points) 4- What four approaches to global response are given? Provide two examples that illustrate each response. (12 points) PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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