Montana Meth Documentary (Teens)-available at
The films listed have been selected by faculty because they serve to illustrate different drugs behaviors roles and/or treatments.
Directions: View the selected video and write a paper according to Film Analysis GRADING CRITERIA listed below. Please note that this assignment is not to summarize the film/video but to analyze it.
Film Analysis Grading Criterion
Possible Points
Your Points
Address the following areas:
a. Introduction- Provide a 3-4 sentence introduction to analysis. Identify name of film and which drugs were identified in the film.
b. What evidence from the video suggests that people may be addicted or are using illegal drugs? Be specific.
c. What disinhibited behaviors did the people in the video display?
d. Discuss substance use/abuse/addiction as a family/societal disease. Base the discussion on specific example(s) from the video.
e. Describe short and long term effects of the addicting drug and the withdrawal and treatment process.
*Be sure to identify the film/video you selected in your introduction.
a. at least 2 pages (not including title page or reference page)
b. utilize APA 6th Edition format.
c. contain one course textbook reference and at least 2 outside reputable reference sources.
d. have correct spelling grammar and structure (title page headings etc.)
Note: Non-adherence to a b c d will result in deduction of a minimum of 5 points.
book -drugs and society by hanson

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