Nursing Unit Challenge Project: Topic preventing workplace Violence in a Psychiatric hospital. In this assignment preventing workplace Violence in a Psychiatric hospital. You will be charged with creatively addressing a challenge in an ideal practice environment which can then be applied across different types of nursing units and settings. The goals are to think through a common nursing unit challenge and determine the best evidence-based practices for addressing this challenge on the ideal nursing unit.
Prepare and present a maximum of 10-15 PowerPoint slides to the class. The presentation should be in a multimedia format. Acceptable media include (but are not limited to) PowerPoint video Prezi Slide Share Voice Thread and the like.
Slides must be easy to interpret and tell a story. Each part should be addressed as follows:
Problem/Issue Statement
Practice environment
Highlights of background information
Describe priority or key issues for deliberation or consideration
One to three slides for each article addressing this challenge.
Recommendations for best practices on a nursing unit from the articles
Conclusions drawn from the state of current evidence in the nursing literature
Pose additional questions for consideration and areas where further research is needed
References should follow the last slide and are not included in the 10-15 slide limit
Presentation Expectations:
The PowerPoint must be free of mistakes in grammar and spelling.
It should look like a cohesive presentation not as if different parts were just thrown together.
Bullet points should be used on the PowerPoint slides not complete sentences/paragraphs.

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