Leadership and Change Management Assignment Guidelines and Due Dates All assignments are due on the assigned dates listed below. If, because of exceptional circumstances, a student cannot meet the deadline, the student must contact the course instructor immediately to see if an exception can be made. All assignments will be submitted through Blackboard email. Assignment Due Date Type 1. Project HUGO at LHSC: Leading Urgent Change in Healthcare April 11th Individual 40% 1. Project HUGO at LHSC: Leading Urgent Change in Healthcare The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to illustrate important concepts relevant to change management and healthcare management. This case looks at the type of change efforts that hospitals must undergo the many reasons for resistance to such change efforts, and the application of key principles that are more likely to lead to successful and lasting organizational change. In this assignment you are to write a paper analyzing the events outlined in the case study. You may use these questions as a guideline or analyze the case from your perspective. 1. Describe HUGO and the nature of the organizational change that it represents 2. What opportunities and risks does HUGO bring for LHSC hospitals and for Susan Johnson? 3. Is Johnson the right change agent for HUGO? 4. Why are the clinicians expected to resist the HUGO implementation? 5. If you were in Johnson’s role, what would you do to ensure that HUGO resulted in a successful and lasting organizational change? The format of your reaction paper should be as follows: • It should be 4-6 pages maximum • It should be typed, double-spaced and include a cover page

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