Internal Code: MAS394 Project Report Assignment: Question: 1. Research what makes up the culture within another cultural group within Australia. Particularly look at the following areas a. What makes up their understanding of the world (i.e. their spirituality, myths/ legends, beliefs) b. What are the social structures within their culture (i.e. relationships with each other, tribal/ group structures, tribal/ group laws, traditional roles within their cultural and family groups) c. What is the cultural views in relation to their environment (i.e.resource management, housing, employment, traditional medicine,illness) Compare and contrast these views, beliefs, values with your own? Are they similar? Are they different? Describe how you would appropriately manage the differences between your own cultural background and that of your client to ensure that your client was receiving culturally appropriate care? 2.A new client has been admitted to your facility. From an Enrolled Nurse’s perspective answer the following questions in relation to your nursing care of the client. a. How would you do to determine what the cultural beliefs of your client are? b. What nursing interventions would you undertake to assist with your client’s care that is culturally specific to your Client? c. What resources would you be able to utilise to assist you with your client’s Cultural beliefs? 12 total views, 2 views today

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