Professional Portfolio
It is important for a public health professional to show evidence of professional development over time. The professional portfolio is one way to collect and showcase achievements and artifacts or evidence of accomplishments.
For this assignment you will prepare a professional portfolio that includes the following:
Reflection of Your Practicum Experience
In a 1000-1250 words address the following:
1. Summarize your practicum experience.
2. Describe how you have applied theory and/or knowledge from your course work into practice during your practicum experience (provide specific examples).
3. What are the most important things you have learned from this practicum experience and how will you apply them to your public health career
4. How has this experience helped develop professionalism skills such as networking team building communication and professional competencies in public health What leadership qualities do you possess and how do you envision applying them to your public health career
5. Articulate a personal mission a set of core values and vision regarding your role in public health. How will your core values help guide your ethical decision making in public health
6. Include two or three scholarly sources to support your narrative.
Sample Practicum Work:
In a second separate document submit a sample of your practicum work (e.g. health education materials reports presentation)
Cover Letter and Resume:
In a third separate document submit a cover letter and resume. Prepare a cover letter and resume for a potential (or actual) position in public health.
APA format is required for essays only. Solid academic writing is expected for all presentation formats and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA guidelines.

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