Identify a current public health care issue raised in our text that affects you or someone you know. Public health care issues can be for example related to: clean air and water communicable diseases traffic safety sports safety gun use birth control birth defects and community health issues. Define the public health issue you choose and the public policy about this concern. Describe how this issue is addressed whether federally by states locally by private groups or by some combination of these. If this particular issue is relevant to only certain locations or handled differently in different areas explain this variance. How are various entities responsible for and address (or don t) the problem and the difficulties involved Conclude with your analysis on the IMPORTANCE of the issue and propose how the issue might be better addressed. It is essential that you do contemporary authoritative research and as much as possible provide new insight and analysis of this public health problem instead of reciting only the obvious. Go ahead and take an unusual or controversial position or come up with a real solution (and the funding) for an age-old problem.Include at least 3 authoritative sources to support your analysis and recommendations.The paper should be a minimum of 750 words double spaced. Use APA or MLA Style for your paper format. For assistance with this reference the Citation Style Guide developed for the Stafford Library.paper will be put through turntin for plagerisim check

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