This is a team assignment. You will work with one other peer in your group to write a 5- to 7-page paper, including references. Select two diverse clinical settings; for example: ED versus ICU, PeriOp versus Med-Surg, Pediatrics versus Adults, or Sports Medicine vs. Nursing Home, etc. For your two selected clinical settings, compare and contrast the content, features, need, and value of data, information, knowledge, and decision support to clinical practitioners in those settings. Make sure that you include the four expanding rings of information (EMR, warehouse, regional, NHIN/PHIN) in your analysis. Describe how the differences would alter the design or features of a clinical system. Defend your statements where you claim either similarities or differences between your two settings. DIRECTIONS Collaborate with your teammates to write a 5- to 7-page paper. Your paper should • Be focused, well organized, and unified • Use language that complies with standard English usage and APA guidelines; is free of errors in grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling, and format; reflects language consistent with professional practice and appropriate for the audience, and correctly documents and cites sources • Be done by the team with all members contributing substantive content and be limited to 5 to 7 pages, including references • Include no more than two large tables, charts, or figures as an appendix • Be format in APA style • Be posted by the end of Week 8 at 11:55 p.m. ET, including the names of your team members in the title page, header, or footer of your document so that I can easily identify the source of the text within the document rather than from the file name

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