Internal Code : MAS737 Management Assignment Question : You are encouraged to work on a current operations management problem or issue within your existing industry. Alternatively, you can choose the specific company or industry which suits your interests, including (but not limited to) electronic, automotive, banking, building, food, hospitality, retail and distribution, finance, consulting, and health care. Please note students are now able to use Qualtrics Internet Survey Software if you wish to survey staff, customers or suppliers for your research.You have the following four research topics to choose from. You can apply them in the specific firm or industry of your choice. • Measuring and improving supply chain management. • Measuring and improving customer service quality and satisfaction. (Servqual) • Measuring and improving “Offshoring and/or Outsourcing” decision making • Measuring and improving “Waiting Time” processes Select one of the developing contemporary ‘themes’ of operations management. Describe and prepare an implementation strategy outlining how your organisation should address your selected theme. Describe both short term strategies (12-24 months) and longer term strategies (2-5 years). If you have a particular research topic that is not included in the above, but you feel it will benefit your career or improve knowledge in an industry, such that it can be turned into a conference paper, then please contact the Unit Coordinator directly with the details. 12 total views, 2 views today

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