Symptom Management Case Study Identify a client or group of clients who experience symptomsora cluster of symptoms requiring a nursing response consistent with advanced nursing practice. (52 year old female who presented with management of CVA. Patient also suffering from obesity, anxiety and depression). Discuss all the current symptoms experienced by the client or group of clients Identify the consequence of these symptoms for the person within a holistic framework Identify and discuss the goals of care for the client Present a plan of care and critically evaluate the literature related to enhanced symptom management and wellness maintenance for the client or client group Discuss the role and contribution of the members of the multidisciplinary/multi-professional health care team in the management of the symptoms Examine the enablers and inhibitors of best practice in symptom management and evaluate the extent to which these exist in the context of nursing Describe at least one action advanced practice nurses could undertake in order to reduce barriers to the implementation of best practice in your context.

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