REQUIREMENTS 1. Select an adult person to use as your subject for this assignment. Make sure that the person is on at least five (5) or more medications. You will want to consider any as needed (prn) medications that the person may have prescribed, including over-the-counter medications, and complementary alternative medicine. 2. Complete the following table regarding the five chosen medications. Chamberlain College of Nursing NR292 Pharmacology II NR292 Pharmacotherapeutic Guidelines.docx Revised 08/26/2014 RC 2 Medication (brand and generic) Dose Route Frequency Safety considerations 3. Gather relevant personal and medical history information from the person. 4. Provide three (3) nursing diagnoses for the person. 5. Describe any specific personal history information that could affect medication administration (age, gender, ethnicity, culture, genetics, health beliefs, allergies, use of alternative therapies/herbal supplements, etc.). Provide supporting literature for your analysis. 6. Nursing Implications: Discuss your role as a professional nurse in relation to the medications if you were the person’s nursing care provider. Be sure to discuss the following.  Nursing management  Patient education related to o assessment; o drug therapy administration (pharmacokinetics); o prevention and management of complications (e.g., drug-drug interaction, missed dose); o signs and symptoms of adverse effects/complications; and o nutrition, lifestyle choices, and habits. 7. Develop a concept map or poster based on the requirements above. 8. List and cite references/resources in correct APA format.

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