MHI508 Health Information Systems Security MD 3 SLP
Paper details:
In Module 1 you selected a healthcare organization that you will study throughout your Session Long Project. For this module consider your organization and assess
how well the organizations employment policies and security awareness program align (or do not align) with the material covered in the Administration domain. In 2 to
3 pages do the following:
Provide an overview of the organizations employment policies and practices. Discuss how well they align with the security policies and practices covered by the
Administration domain. How effective are the policies practices and measures? How can they be improved?
Describe any security awareness programs that your organization uses. Are they effective? What could be done to improve them?
Note: These questions are targeted at asking what you would suggest or recommend. I am not asking for you to disclose actual information that could in any way
compromise the security of your organizations systems.
SLP Assignment Expectations
LENGTH: Write a 2- to 3-page paper typed and double-spaced using 12pt Times New Roman font and 1-inch page margins.
The following items will be assessed in particular:
Incorporation of key security administration principles within your analysis.
Ability to apply your understanding surrounding the main goals and tenets of information security

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