1.1 Describe and explain ways in which ideas about health illness and disability may be influenced by social norms I.e. Socially accepted ideas and behaviour.1.2 Describe & evaluate the role widely held stereotypes can play in influencing perceptions and understanding of ill health and its causes.2.1 Explore factors in the social and cultural environment that can affect the quality of interaction between professionals and patients.2.2 Describe and explain the role and impact of social inequalities around health beliefs lifestyle and risk class gender culture and ethnicity ageing family and poverty.3.1 Evaluate the term psychosomatic illness.3.2 Give an explanation of how two body systems can be effected by Psychosomatic illness.4.1 Critcally evaluate the way in which behaviour can affect the relationship between patient and osteopath with reference to factors such as stress aggression and assertion life space response to pain etc.5.1 Evalute the importance of good communication between the osteopath and the patient.5.2 Analyse the barriers of communication in health care setting and ways in which they can be overcome.5.3 Explain how effective communication can be achieved in the osteopathic setting

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