Internal Code – MAS307 Nursing Assignment Essay Writing : This assignment is to explore your understanding of ‘counseling’ and to explore, in depth, a particular counseling approach.Consider the following questions and comments to guide you: Describe a particular approach to counselling and outline how you consider it has relevance to your own life from current or future work or personal perspectives, or both. From your view as the author (writer, student) you will need to make clear points about counselling as you understand it, and reach conclusions about its value and importance in the setting you choose to discuss. This will need to be done with adequate reference to the literature to support your arguments/statements. You should draw on the text and other resources discussed in class or included in topic materials and incorporate additional references of direct relevance to your particular essay. Your assignment should be clearly structured with headings to aid the reader. An introduction and explicit conclusion are required and references to the literature should be made using the usual academic conventions. 12 total views, 2 views today

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