� Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of how to promote the rights, choices and wishes of older people, paying particular attention to equality, diversity, dignity, respect and relationship and person centred care alongside the needs of an ageing population. � Critically evaluate the effectiveness of a range of strategies to promote rights, choices and wishes of older people in a relationship and person centred way. � Demonstrate the knowledge, and critical understanding to systematically carry out accurate holistic assessments of older people using appropriate diagnostic and decision-making skills, providing effective care for service users and carers who may have complex care needs (this includes both mental and physical health). � Reflect on and analyse the need for effective leadership in managing the nursing care of the older person, understand and coordinate inter professional care when needed, and liaise with specialist teams. � Demonstrate the ability to listen with empathy and respond positively to older people who may be anxious, distressed, or facing problems with their health and wellbeing understanding the need for care, compassion and effective communication with service users, carers and other health and social care providers. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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