professionally presented. Students provided a bibliography of sources used in Harvard referencing format D1 Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions Students have provided conclusions derived directly from research findings and analysis of the scenario Students justified conclusions reached Students evaluated and justified how the techniques/strategies used in the role plays facilitated communication in different contexts You need to structure your work and end with a good analytical conclusion. Produce a Self-evaluation at the end of your work. D1 can be achieved when the learner has assessed the relevance of legislative laws and other sources from different NHS sector/ health organisation in reporting on inequalities in health and have concluded how these information can be used by the government of UK to develop their future strategies in allocating the facilities as well in managing the funds. (AC 1.2) D2 Take responsibility for managing and organising activities Students submitted the assignment on time Students regularly attended class sessions D2 can be achieved when a learner has effectively planned managed and organised a health promotion campaign (AC 3.3) in relation to Task 3 & 4 to meet specific objectives. You need to represent new idea for enhancing health promotion campaign (AC 4.1) D3 Demonstrate convergent/lateral/creative thinking Students presented a self-evaluation which demonstrates self-criticism of approach Students work contains/proposes original ideas and approaches. D3 can be achieved when learner has applied innovative and creative thought when explaining how health beliefs relate to theories of health behaviour. AC 3.1
HNHS Health Promotion Assignment Brief

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