Word limit: 5,000 – 6,000 words Value: 50% Details of task: For this assignment, consider that you hold the position of Associate Nurse Unit Manager, one level below the Nurse Unit Manager. In your position as Associate Nurse Unit Manager, you have been appointed to the multidisciplinary clinical practice guideline development committee in your hospital. The committee is currently considering how to develop and implement a hospital wide guideline on hip fracture care that is in line with the ‘Hip Fracture Care Clinical Care Standard’ from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. The committee membership includes representatives from nursing administration, physiotherapy, pharmacy, medical administration, and medical and surgical specialists including orthopedics. As you have just completed a master’s level unit in leadership and management, the chairman of the committee has asked you to develop a change management strategy that would help guide the committee in implementing this new guideline. In your essay you are required to develop a change management strategy and support your strategy with reference to change management theory. Your change management strategy should also reflect a consideration of the impact of health policy, theories of power and organization theory as they apply to health care settings. Your essay should • Demonstrate evidence of research and an ability to critically analyse • Provide evidence of an ability to demonstrate linkages between theoretical argument and practical application • Illustrate a well-developed argument and a logical structure • Demonstrate an argument based on reading and analysis of academic references • Answer the question succinctly and cogently Assignment Presentation and Format

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