Internal Code: MAS5624 Nursing Assignment: “It is the ordinariness of caring both as a physical act and as a way of being, that contributes to the difficulties encountered in attempting to describe and define it” (eds Brykczynska & Jolley 1997, p.1). Considering the quote above and your current understanding of the art of caring, undertake a reflection on your personal values and beliefs on caring as a nurse. This should include consideration of an example of where you have experienced or observed ordinary practice that was perceived as extraordinary. Part 1: Undertake a creative reflection of your values and beliefs on caring as nurse considering the above quote, person-centredness within your practice and the Synthesised Model of the Communication of Caring in Nursing (Knowlden 1998, p. 60). This creative reflection is to be presented in the form of a visual representation; this can be in any form except for a PowerPoint presentation. You are to participate to the discussion forum with a short overview of your creative work and provide feedback for one other student. Part 2: Write a reflection using a recognised model to demonstrate how the exploration of the creative representation will enable your future practice to be authentic to your values and beliefs. Questions: 1. Demonstrate an appreciation of the relationship between human flourishing in the nursing workforce and positive patient outcomes 2. Demonstrate an ability to integrate contemporary nursing care in the development of an evidence-based clinical practice 19 total views, 2 views today

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