Internal Code: MAS6014 Healthcare Assignment: You have been asked as a consultant engineer to re-evaluate the performance of a prosthetic joint system. The company want to re-evaluate their range of stem and cup parts for a range of canine breeds. The range must avoid premature failures which have occurred in some of the past canine hip replacement systems. Problems have occurred in the cap and stem of a replacement system. The stem is manufactured from CoCrMo and the cap from UHMWPE. The company has advised its clients that the replacement system is designed for light exercise and everyday activities related to large dogs. Questions: 1. Research using sources and appropriate referencing the methods used and components used for a replacement prosthetic canine hip joint. 2. Define the range of loads the joint must withstand and how you intend to simulate these loads. 3. Research the type of materials that you are suggesting for the design and explain why you have chosen them. 4. Using the CAD (IGES) parts provided and modify where necessary to assess the suitability of your geometry under the various loading conations. 5. Select an appropriate shape and state the reasons for your choice. 6. Comment on the limitations/assumptions / boundary conditions of your analysis. 7. Undertake an appropriate analysis to assess the life of the prosthesis and describe how this can be monitored for a potential patient. 8. Provide conclusions on your report. 20 total views, 2 views today

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